Week 1 - Introduction

This webpage is designed to help introduce you to and prepare you for acceptance into the leadership program. The page is divided into eight online lessons with some simple homework assignments for you to complete alongside your first few weeks of capoeira training. Many students choose to complete one lesson a week, but you may choose to do them more quickly if you like.

New students are not immediately eligible to be enrolled in the leadership program. Those who are accepted have both demonstrated the character traits essential for success in the program and have made a long-term commitment to train capoeira to the rank of yellow cord and beyond.

Lesson One is an overview of the leadership program and the requirements for acceptance into it. Read through the following page to familiarize yourself with this information. Talk to your instructor if you have additional questions.

Why Leadership

At Brazilian Capoeira, we’ve known for years that some of the most important things we teach our capoeira students have nothing to do with kicking fast or jumping high.  We’ve seen how practicing capoeira helps improve confidence, develops discipline and focus, gives students the opportunity to make and reach goals, to face challenges, encourages community involvement, and so much more. Seeing how capoeira had the power to positively affect almost every area of our students’ personal and professional lives is primarily why we made the decision to commit our lives to teaching it.

One of the goals that we've also set for ourselves is to get students to the rank of yellow cord as quickly and effectively as possible. The yellow cord is a special rank that should represent a good foundation in all the basics of capoeira training. When you achieve the yellow cord rank you can truly call yourself a "capoeirista." Part of getting to that rank involves a commitment to the art form, and the opportunity to train more directly with the other students that are also committed to it. We expect more of students that have made this commitment, and they should expect more of each other.

What is the Leadership Program?

The leadership program is a four-year course. Each month students receive training on a specific leadership principle. Students will focus their learning by making a goal to apply that principle in both capoeira training and personal life.

The goal setting and leadership skills learned through participation in the program will not only help produce greater success in capoeira training, but will also increase productivity at work and improve academic performance and interpersonal relationships.

Leadership students have demonstrated both an aptitude for capoeira training and have made a significant commitment to themselves and their instructors to the long term study of the art form. As part of the program these students will receive additional movement training intended to help them advance as quickly as possible.

What materials do I receive?

Leadership students wear the black uniform shirt. Participants also receive a workbook used to record their development activities, notes, and other assignments related to the leadership training program. A binder with curriculums for Portuguese, Music, and Acrobatics will provides the student a place organize leadership materials and handouts. Students also receive a valuable music manual with dozens of capoeira song lyrics, English translations, and explanations of the symbolism, history and cultural significance of each song.

What special benefits do leadership program participants receive?

Leadership students participate in leadership classes that take place either 15 minutes before or 15 minutes after their regular class time. Leadership students also receive access to optional intensive training courses in both music, acrobatics, and jiu jitsu (please note that weekend intensive courses are currently open to ages 12 and up only – children will receive intensive training in these areas as part of their weekday leadership classes.)

Leadership students receive significant discounts on fees for rank advancements, workshops, and other special events. For example, the participation fee for our most recent rank advancement was $99.00. Leadership students paid only $25.00.

What do I need to do to become eligible for the leadership program?

New students are not immediately eligible to join the leadership program. The first few weeks of your capoeira training will serve as an orientation period for both you and your instructor to decide if leadership is the right commitment for you. Next week’s lesson will provide more details about the specific requirements for acceptance into leadership.