Week 5 - Respect

At Brazilian Capoeira we are fiercely committed to creating an environment where all students and instructors treat each other with respect. Too often in contemporary society rudeness, selfishness, and impolite language and behavior are tolerated. We expect students who join our leadership program to always speak and act politely to all people both in and outside the studio. Students who wear the black leadership shirt are representatives of our core program and ambassadors for our studio mission.

Our commitment to respect has two parts: respect for others and respect for self.

You show respect for others when you consider someone else’s needs and feelings before you act. By cultivating patience and compassion for others, you will be better able to form positive relationships and be a more powerful influence for good. In the leadership program we talk frequently about how real leadership is service and expect members of our leadership team to act selflessly.

You show respect for yourself when you do your best, stay true to your long-term goals, and make healthy choices. Very few of us fully understand our real potential. Without a clear understanding of our potential, it can be hard to reach it. The leadership program is designed, in part, to help you come to know just how exceptional you can be. With that knowledge in place – we want to help you achieve excellence in both your training and other areas of your life.

Kids – practice using respectful language this week by learning and using the “7 Magic Words”: Yes Sir/Yes Ma’am, No Sir/No Ma’am, Please, Thank You, and You’re Welcome. Print out the following practice sheet and let a parent “catch” you using any of the 7 Magic worlds at least five times, then turn your practice sheet in to your instructor for a dance dollar.

Click here to download the practice sheet

Adults – How respectful is your language? Do you regularly use “Please,” “Thank You,” and “You’re Welcome” in your communication with peers, family members and even customer service personnel? Commit to using respectful language all week. (Caution: if you’ve gotten out of the habit it’s going to feel strange at first.)