Week 7 - Good Work!

Congratulations! At this point, you have completed your first few weeks of capoeira training. You’ve probably already experienced some of the challenges of capoeira: sore muscles and feet, anxiety about playing in the roda, looking foolish while attempting a new movement, and the overwhelming realization of how much there is to learn. You’ve also experienced some of the joys of capoeira training as well: the irresistible energy of the music, the thrill of learning a difficult move, meeting new friends, and the exciting realization of how much there is to learn!

We can guarantee that there will continue to be challenges – that’s part of what makes capoeira training so valuable and we can as assuredly promise there will be many many more joys. With your participation in capoeira, you have begun a journey that has been life changing for hundreds of Brazilian Capoeira students and Capuraginga Capoeira members throughout the world. We are so pleased to welcome you to the family.

You are now ready to make an important decision: will you have the courage to commit to progressing through both the joys and challenges of the capoeira experience all the way to yellow cord and beyond? Are you ready to practice the humility and dedication essential for producing real, positive, change for yourself and your community? On this page you will find a link to a downloadable leadership application. This week your homework assignment is to print the application, review it, and fill out the first [two] sections. If you are a minor, you will do this with the help of a parent.

Leadership Application Youth (ages 6-17)

Leadership Application Adult (ages 18+)

The first part of the application allows you to make an honest assessment of where you are now as you prepare to make this important commitment. After completing the self-evaluation portions of the leadership application, you will be ready to submit your application to an instructor from within the studio and a mentor from without the studio for their analysis of your readiness to participate in the leadership program (remember A+; attitude, aptitude, attendance?) More instructions can be found in the next week’s lesson.